From Pauper to Princess


Money, money, money! There must be more synonyms in the Thesaurus for money than any other word. Time, love, happiness to mention a few. But hey! How did this happen–I have no money but time, love and happiness.

I always believed that love made the world go round. But unfortunately, I grew up, education ruined me and I realized it isn’t love; it is MONEY that makes this world that we live in go round and round and round! To quote my doctor mother, ‘Vitamin ‘M’ seems to be more crucial to everyone’s health these days than any other vitamin.’

Sad. A new haircut, a revamped wardrobe or a dozen self-help books can’t do what some crisp moolah, allegedly can, to boost your confidence, straighten your back, puff your chest out and hold your head high. And as this realization grew on me with every job and every pay cheque that came my way, what also became clear was that the rat race that all of us so desperately run, is against ourselves.  More often than not also against any basic principles that we may stand for. So, after years of making money and no love, I decided to up and quit! And I can tell you this–it never felt better! From a sweet thirty G’s a month to sweet nothings…it should have felt like falling off a cliff but it felt like I was being elevated to this place where angels sit and lay wagers on the rat racers below. Not a bad way to earn money and be on cloud nine, I say!

What helps is that my aim was and is to master the art of doing nothing. Or sometimes–something–for some time. Yes, you suffer from bank account blues and you think liquidity is better than still waters. But a reflection on still waters is far clearer than one on rippling ones. Most of us don’t even stop to catch a glimpse of ourselves, leave alone contemplate on our reflection.

Finally, I am living life queen-size and will continue to do so. Because of all the things that cost in this world, money often costs us the most.

Akhilesh Tomar shot this image of the legendary, eternally-blue river, aptly called Kishen Ganga in India and is the Neelam to our lovely neighbours, high up in Kashmir